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A masquerade will unite the spirit of Baroque Venice, 19th Century decadent Paris and timeless New York as it exists today, behind the doors of MiN Perfumes. They will present the mysterious beauty of Clarimonde on the night of October 26th, 7:30-9:30 pm.

Here is your invitation.

This evening is held in honor of our secret lives, loves lost, and the beauty of five very limited edition hand-made perfumes created in the spirit of the beautiful Clarimonde. She has died many times yet continues to live among us through these perfumes and the legends about her.

The spirit of Clarimonde is that demanding beauty within us that calls to us from an alternate sense of heightened reality, sometimes in our dreams, sometimes even in real life. If we invite her in she may show us a more complete version of ourselves, revitalized by our emotions, desires and aspirations.

Clarimonde’s story is told by the French 19th Century decadent writer Theophile Gautier, and can be heard read aloud in the voice of Joy Chan.

Described as incandescently beautiful, Clarimonde is steeped in the immortal power of sexuality and so both natural and supernatural, immensely rich and worldly wise, yet vulnerable, sensitive and deeply empathetic.

Five perfumers have each interpreted her story in their own way, in the form of fragrances.

For Monica Miller, the focus was on the mouth with fragrant lip stains, worn together with a perfume, Sangre, of juicy ripe fruit set against incense. Mandy Aftel in Oud Louban layers several types of ouds and frankincense, builds a physical link between the sacred and profane. Maria Mcelroy and Alexis Karl collaborated as the House of Cherry Bomb, to express with Immortal Mine unbounded passion in warm amber laid over the darkest woods, infused with floral nectars, swooning together into sensuality. Dawn Spencer Hurwitz with Paradise Lost matched an iron/blood accord with sweet cool violet to embody a strong spirit who married physical pleasure with the supernatural. Ayala Sender with Dreaming Parallel reached out in her sleep perfume from a warm base into the coolness of an ethereal presence with violet and herbal notes, for refreshing chill, like the presence of a spirit in the dark.

Links to more about the perfumes and story online can be found at two central locations, “Surrender to Beauty” on Indieperfumes, and on this site at  the Introduction post: which also links to every single post from each of the writers, and a page for each perfume.

As creative director and writer, all my posts on Clarimonde can be found both here and at Indieperfumes.  The other writers who did some of their best work ever for this the project, were Sheila Eggenberger/The Alembicated Genie, Trish Vawter/Scent Hive, Monica Miller/Perfume Pharmer, Jade Dressler Beth Shreibman Gehring, and Deana Sidney of LostPastRemembered.

The event will include performances by Michal Towber.

We have constructed individual perfume shrines, to visually express the mood of each perfume.  Cocktails based on the theme of duality will be created by Mindy Yang of MiN, using the chef’s essences of Mandy Aftel.   Alexis Karl composed music for the event with Ondyne’s Demise.  Deana Sidney will be on hand with the perfumed port.  I will post a playlist for the event on Spotify, and more on the performers and writers too.  Let’s think about our costumes and masks for the event….

Much more later!

Above images Ralph Lauren 2012, Green Eyes from the DPH Club,  Countess Castiglione by Pierre Louis Pierson

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