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Dior's couture runway entrance

Dior’s couture runway entrance

As Theophile Gautier wrote  in his story of Clarimonde and Romauld’s ill fated love affair, Clarimonde has died many times.  That means she has lived many times.  She possesses the power of time travel.  Clarimonde may well be a supernatural being, living on through human history as a most humane vampire.  She never destroys anyone. If you have read her story you know that she only requires one drop of blood from her most significant other to live.  Animals, children, plants and all other living beings are safe with her.  She holds those she has known and have passed away in her heart, so that they continue to live on in her. Her motivation and desire is for love in return, which she inspires with her generosity, beauty, and charisma.

As a channel and observer of her adventures, and keeper of her biographical diary, I am permitted to show glimpses of her immortal life.  First, I will tell you that whiffs and evidence of Clarimonde’s presence are everywhere.  Some reflections and images are shadows and intimations of her presence and history.  Those I have captured from around the ether I may present with what I know of their meaning.

The mirror-like entryway above, captured by Dior for their most recent Winter couture runway show, is one likely portal and intersection between her world and ours. Her eternal life and ours are simultaneous, and we can find her presence and great desire for a love worthy of her in the beauty made by  great artisans to adorn the eternal feminine.

As she is allied with the forces of nature and emotion, I know that a beautiful iridescent sheen in nature may be an indication that Clarimonde has been there.

She steps away on her fantastical and elaborate shoes through deep space, and glides through the reflections of mother of pearl gleams, and polished surfaces.  Like the pearls that adorn her beautiful arms these beauties reflect and enhance her own and draws us in closer to the possibility of knowing her.

News and images of her accoutrement and the atmosphere in which she moves have been placed on a Pinterest site, like snapshots from a vacation she is taking in this modern version of her immortal life.