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Clarimonde, both otherworldly and worldly in the extreme, celebrates her birthday/continuation day all through the month of October.  The most appropriate gift is always perfume.  She treasures her bespoke perfumes Oud Louban, Paradise Lost, Immortal Mine, Sangre with its accompanying lip stains, and Parallel Dreaming.

The best celebration of the womanly spirit  who has everything is to apply the richest and most beautiful perfume imaginable and corporal to your own skin.


Entering into the spirit of such a perfume joins you to her celebrations, because she is a generous being whose pleasure is increased by your own.  She is most and best pleased by the purest essence of beauty that can mediate as a aromatic vapor that may rise up between yourselves and travel into the realms that reach her and your full mutual understanding.

Visit Indieperfumes for more about her travels in perfume, and her Pinterest page to review her supernaturally beautiful accessories and accoutrement.

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