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If you were Clarimonde and you could go anywhere you wanted to anytime, would you choose to endure the months of winter in the North?  Looking for peace and quiet, standing within the moments of stillness and serenity in the course of a wild winter is to dive into an interior ocean that reveals the heat of life with full clarity.


the cold grows fierce and hardens the outer layers of everything


Every drop of the water that is everywhere becomes visible as it hardens into another form of its natural shape, into a thousand fractured flakes or turned to ice, naturally shaped by dripping into the earth’s gravitational pull


The contrast between interior warmth and the exterior cold marks the boundaries between what is animally alive and what is materially part of all the rest of nature’s processes.  The ice on earth is as cold as the ice in outer space.  Life is what holds the energy of the burning sun within our blood.

Protecting a core of warmth that constantly flames up and dies down fuels thoughts of the past, interpretations of the present and speculations on the future.

tumblr_myqt1oZeh81r2mulko1_400Eventually the heat of all that internal chemistry/history burning up together softens and calms the effects of the wild winds and storms to generate a gentle internal light that clarifies everything.

tumblr_mxq6l4Lz4X1rph9jjo1_500What is temporary melts away and the heat and flame remains until the fuel for life burns off.

Burning hot and bracing cold perfumes to bring you through winter in all its glory and pains:  Norne by Slumberhouse, the darkest firs exhaling their pervasive deep green scent over the cold air; Tobacco Cognac by The House of Cherry Bomb, to ignite the fires inside as the heat of spirits sparks increasing warmth to release the fragrance of narcotic leaves; Musc Pure Essence by Bruno Acampora to bring you back to the heat of your own skin and hair.

Clarimonde’s Oud Louban by Aftelier to increase  body heat with incense burning from the heat of the sun, her Paradise Lost by DSH to contrast the metallic taste of blood heat with the coolness of violet’s ethereal blueness.

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