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A visual diary for Valentine’s Day:  Clarimonde’s custom is to meet with the ancient martyred saint, honor her heart with the warmest of reds and the deepest of perfumes, and meditate on infatuations that might transform into undying love.  She prays for the strength to withstand the remains of Winter and celebrate the coming Spring.

She was the bride in a mystic marriage celebrated long ago.

Dark Beauty Magazine

Dark Beauty Magazine

Saint Valentine was the officiant of that ceremony.  She vowed to be the mystic bride of eternal romance and so immortal in her search for love.  She visits Valentine’s reliquary on his day each year to pray and honor his sainted purpose and her own.



Claimonde breathes in and out and meditates within her own stillness on infatuations that may or may not bloom and ripen to fruition.

She  touched the thick perfume to her neck and wrists to  bind her closer to the earth itself and send ethereal vapors of her deepest intention out to all directions.

That intention is to join with her truest lover

float away into Spring

and float away together into Spring.

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Heavenly Bodies: Cult Treasures and Spectacular Saints from the Catacombs by Paul Koudounaris

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