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Irving Penn 1947

Irving Penn 1947

Clarimonde uses perfume as her aura, dark to light, light to dark and everything in-between.  She expresses her days and nights in perfume. Sparkling with bright notes, soothed by the mild air of flowers, lain to rest in the narcotic scent of lilies and gardenias, daydreaming in the embrace of balsams and resins. A breath moves by, herbaceous and full of oxygen and moisture.  The sweetness of honey, dryness of mown hay, smoke rising from a hearth burning fruitwood.



Would a soulmate find her by this olfactory aura of beauty, arriving and sensed before and after her physical presence?  Does she have a physical presence or does she simply travel on the aromatic road directly into people’s memories and unspoken wishes?

Her old friends know her and see and speak to her, but someone new would make her first acquaintance through past and present attachments to certain personal aromatic beauties.  Her own perfumes will draw on that deepest well of scent memories within, mirroring those spirits of yours in that most direct way.  Her scent is a way to be joined together in primal emotion.


We may choose to follow her example and use our perfumes to express daily mood, personal history, specific attractions and place in society and Nature.

We may choose to be invisibly both strong or subtle in this regard.

We may choose to follow the seasons, join in with the scents of Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter, making a scent print each year  that will sink inside to join our dreams as messages and reminders of times past and present.


Perfumers who commemorated her fatal romance with Romauld, as told by Gautier, have distilled new expressions of the seasons since, in every facet of mood.

A few examples:

Dawn Spencer Hurwitz floated in with Spring with Vers la Violette, “a deep wood and a bright green crushed together into a fine powdery velvet sheen grounded in the essence of the darkest violet”

Aftelier distilled the Summer heat into repose and narcotic sweetness with Cuir de Gardenia “an ultra soft leather glove stained with perfume by the act of crushing the thick white petals of a gardenia.”

House of Cherry Bomb plunged deep into the waning year with Tobacco Cognac  “Autumn held within a sheer veil that releases an addictive darkness”

Alexis Karl held through the Winter with precious flames of heat in Body Made Luminous “natural deep chocolate over fossilized amber and mysterious blossoms”

All of these and more will allow an ascent into a form of sensual heaven, exquisite experiences scenting the daydreams running behind opened eyes.

Jochen Hein - Stardust, acrylic on jute, 2008

Jochen Hein – Stardust, acrylic on jute, 2008


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