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tumblr_nekn34jRZz1s5k9i8o1_1280Clarimonde’s spirit can travel as a scent on the breeze. She travels along on the breath of a spring blooming flower, especially those intoxicating ones like Hyacinth, Lilac and Violet.

All Spring flowers in the Northern hemisphere are intoxicating as a reminder of the turn of the wheel of time toward a softer calmer easier time of year.

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The repetitions of the seasons might be surprising and new to a child, or newly noticed again by the young in love, and will often be re-discoverd as a source of energy by the old.

Clarimonde has lived through many generations of Springs, and its energy is one of the main connections that hold her to Life.

Lilac by Pierre Redoute

Green freshness, the richness permeating the air, we are drawn in as much as the insects and the birds, and the more attention is paid, the more powerful the force of Spring in its scents and brightness.

Mrs. Delany paper collage of a rose

Mrs. Delany paper collage of a rose

Clarimonde discovered that the legendary Odor of Sanctity is the scent of Life, eternally renewed in that seasonal way, carrying the force of attraction and reproduction within.

The Odor of Sanctity is most often identified with the Rose, which is experiencing a renaissance of its own in perfume these days.

In Spring the most fragrant array — all white flowers, Hyacinth, Lily of the Valley, Narcissus, Violet, open over a base of dark moist earth and mulch from seasons past. They have never broken the chain, always looking for pollination, to keeping the promise of return.

18th & 19th century continental porcelain flowers. collection auctioned at Christie's.

18th & 19th century continental porcelain flowers. collection auctioned at Christie’s.

Our individual lives are brief but as life repeats itself over thousands of years within the renewal of the seasons, Spring will always be the most exciting for us as the promise of renewed life, even as our own time passes.

We have that in common with Clarimonde, except that all the individual seasons she has known are held together as one, because she remembers every Spring flower.

Each new Spring season layers over many Springs past, to intensify and build on those renewal experiences and make the renewal more dimensional and complete.


Imaginary flower embroidered on a man’s coat button, 18th Century Britain

Personal perfumes of the season:  April Aromatics Rosenlust, Tempted Muse. Rosine: Rose d’Ete. Oriza L LeGrand: Jardins D’Armide, Deja Le Printemps. Parfums Lalun: Phenomene Vert II. Acqua di Callitris. DSH Jacinth de Sapphir and others in the Brilliant Collection.

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