dogwoods white drifts, photo by Lucy Raubertas

dogwoods white drifts, photo by Lucy Raubertas

It’s hard to remember what Winter was, once Spring comes.

What words are there to describe it?

One is ‘Etiolated’. ‘Slender”. Spent? Even Quiet.

Everything natural knows the need to survive to the end of scarce Winter. Winter is so long. Before Spring comes, even into Summer and Fall, the animals and birds must wait for seeds to form, for fruit to form.

Must get through to the seasons of fruition and harvest. Skills of saving, taking in all the forms of energy available, to last through. The long quiet when there is no more, until next time.

Hibernation, or simple rest and taking in other forms of nourishment. Thirsting for more.  Taking in more information, deep dreaming, the engaged imagination, memory. These means conserve and build Clarimonde’s strength and endurance.

She is one with nature, for all her supernatural qualities and affiliations. A feminine principal, love and romance will make her strong. Though she is never weak even when in stillness and hibernation.

Still, remember, her vitality arises from within.  Much will blossom from the smallest drop of life contributed by a worthy partner.

What words will describe what’s next?

Her future is long, much longer than any Winter.

She keeps her memories in the form of liquid perfumes, captured flowers, fruit, rainwater, warm earth.