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Geoffrey Munn’s “tiaras: past & present”

Geoffrey Munn’s “tiaras: past & present”

Admirable, to make something out of ‘nothing’ by assembling the bits and pieces that cross your path, pieces of things you might see from the corner of the eye, in the street, within the overgrown weeds, perhaps some things thrown away. They can be selected and cast into metal, enameled, simplified into something beautiful and meaningful to you and others.

As they say, nothing is ever destroyed, or created. We put together in one way or another all the things we have seen, touched, felt, done, and make meaning of it all within ourselves, making it all up as we go along.

Sometimes it turns out to be funny, sometimes it’s not at all, but every time requires a charitable sort of openness to either make or to see, a full appreciation of the moment.

The spirit of Clarimonde never stops looking, bearing in mind innumerable images from past to present, moving forward with speed into the future, as it presses forward of its own volition.

She brings all her baggage, in experience, times, days, memories, along with her everywhere, and then steps back to watch herself build a Memory Palace of shadows. These quiet activities are fueled by their own energy, unfolding effortlessly.

All this suffused with the heat of this Summer. The humidity reaching down beneath skin to affect the mind and the heart, all those memories and speculations are affected by the present conditions she finds before her.


vintage photo from my-little-time-machine.tumblr.com

She finds things and sees things that delight her and seem connected. For example, this young man caught in the moment by a photograph in 1904.  He is a whole enviable world in himself.  He seems to have dodged a bullet, wears an exaggerated hat and collar, and lingers with style within deteriorating grandeur, perhaps a hotel where many have come and gone. Why? Does he look to see someone he once saw before? To recapture or fix a mood or image of an emotion, a tone, a moment in his life he has used as fuel to propel himself forward?



It all develops from the faintest shadows, as they accumulate, to become something opaque, or dissipate into clarity, depending on the direction he faces, looking up or down.

Perfume notes:  This gentleman could wear Serge Lutens De Profundis, because he exudes fresh dry energy both still and in forward motion, that holds a shadow within itself.

Perfume news:  I have heard from those who know that there will soon be a more sheer version of Immortal Mine, ready for the Fall. Something to keep in mind while planning the rest of the year in terms of beauty informed by past experience.


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Images gathered online from Pinterest and Tumblr, as credited above.