Dreaming Parallel-Ayala Moriel

From Indieperfumes:

Fragrance in the dark:  inspired by the role that dreams play in the Clarimonde Story, Ayala Moriel made perfumed dream pillows, sewing them by hand while listening to the Joy Chan reading of Clarimonde by Theophile Gautier.  They are made of white silk with a garnet bead sewn in the center like a small drop of blood…

The first time I used the dream pillow at night, I got an amplified experience of the perfume lying still in the darkness. Certain notes appeared to unfurl singly and larger, especially the cool note of violet as a highlight.

Even so, the fragrance is gentle, and though the perception of it is heightened in the darkness, it is not overwhelming.  Yet is still very present, like there is a Being in the room with you.  I am sure this references the times Clarimonde woke Romauld from sleep by appearing at the foot of his bed.

Gustav Moreau La Peri

from The Alembicated Genie:

In its depth and the breathtakingly rich patchouli drydown, held aloft by its piquant, intoxicating pillars of costus and sandalwood and dragon’s blood, like the token drop she takes from Romauld every night, like the pomegranate seed of garnet on the dream pillow – or Persephone’s pomegranate seed in reverse – is all of one hapless priest’s eternal regret, and all that he has lost, and all he yet had in those vertiginous, unforgettable moments he dared to truly live – and dream – Venetian.

From Monica Skye Miller on the Perfume Pharmer:

Dear Sister in Fragrance, Dear Ayala,

I have slept upon the little silken Dream  Pillow that you made with fragrant herbs and tiny stitches by your own hand – I have dreamed on it and this is what I learnedYou are right about Romauld’s betrayal of Clarimonde – she gave him all she had and she was forsaken – what I saw in my dreams was that his betrayal was a death of his own inner being, the female to his male, his anima – he betrayed himself -I came to a deeper understanding of the LOVERS ARCHETYPE in the Tarot – I realized that one must first…marry oneself – before you can love another fully or know GOD – the Angel above the two figures is the Divine giving blessing to the couple – the Divine Angel makes the triad complete female-divine-male, the female-male is inside oneself and these two must be united before the triad, the hook up, the divine marriage of the three takes place – male-female-divine * marry yourselves sisters and brothers – know yourself fully love yourself,  then you can love another – and fully embrace the divine

Clarimonde’s Dream Pillow

From Scent Hive:

it’s Ayala’s Clarimonde Dream Pillow that emanates the most earthiness. It’s not a freshly tilled soil though, rather a soil on the edge of decay that is infused with rose, violet and carnation. From Ayala’s notes on creating the Dream Pillow and the perfume:

To fully experience the power of this pillow, you must sleep on it, literally. Place it inside the pillowcase of the pillow you use while sleeping, and notice how it transforms your dreams making them more vivid and memorable.

‘Dreaming Parallel’ perfume: Antique patchouli, sandalwood, costus, saffron, roses, carnation, violet and ionone (natural isolate), cassie and dragon’s blood. This is Dreaming Parallel Perfume in a Prayer Box in solid form.  The liquid version is also used to scent the dream pillow, that also contains herbs to aid in sleep and dreams.

Ayala’s words:

In his effort to banish impure thoughts from his sleep, Romauld has sewn this little pillow from simple fabric, and filled it with herbs from the monastery’s garden: lavender buds, crushed violet leaves & valerian….upon his waking, he noticed the pillow transformed into pure silk, and the herbs were tainted by a heavy oriental perfume of half faded roses, patchouli, & saffron. Clarimonde’s presence was inescapable.

For a perfume sample visit Ayala Moriel

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