Immortal Mine – Maria McElroy and Alexis Karl

a fragrance inspired by Clarimonde’s eternal kiss….

From The Alembicated Genie, A Philter Perilous:

In this philter made of glass were all the secrets of all women throughout time, women who loved and lived and laughed, women who dared dangerous, sinful, decadent things. The glories of the entire world were captured in its amber depths, orange blossom and jasmine in foreign garb, spices that sang their many different songs of a burning Oriental heat, herbs that now would grow fragrant forever more, precious, dark woods from mythical trees thought only to exist in fairy tales, a dragon’s kiss and a unicorn’s heart and all of it entire, all of it the sum of a desire which could scorch to ash in an instant.

From the Perfume Pharmer, Immortal Mine:

I consider it a little unfair to not be warned. Although perhaps, methinks, you really didn’t understand the depth of the magic the two of you imagined into being.

This potion takes no prisoners.

From Beth Schreibman Gehring, on Perfume Smellin Things:

Immortal Mine is a passion filled and wildly untamed perfume that delighted me from the second that I opened the vial. First of all, it was beautifully presented, covered with bloody red sealing wax that was oozy and dripping all over the cap and down the sides like a fabulous candle or a vial of blood. It made a delightful crack and what emerged was one of the most fascinating perfumes that I’ve ever smelled filled with incense, lust and magic.

From Jade Dressler:

…this scent is orgasmic and it keeps changing its messages. I am more than a little enthralled with it. (and submitting to Gothica in Gotham…had to go there!)

From Indieperfumes – Perfume and Wine, Immortal Mine:

This perfume is rich and dense, and as it opens it reminds me of white smoke trapped in a honeycomb, causing drowsiness among the bees, so they lay quietly while the keeper siphons off the honey.

This is a deeply moving dark and changeable perfume.  It gets deeper and darker as time goes on.  It dries down to a tobacco honeyed phase which lasts for a few minutes, then down to the vintage oud that holds the faint memory of the florals to itself closely.  The central theme of this perfume is hypnotic attraction.  It sinks deeply into the skin…There is a hint of beeswax and  florals, but my favorite explanation of the ingredients of this perfume comes directly from Alexis Karl:

Soil from an unmarked grave.  One single drop of blood from a slain Wyvern, the sweet elixer of dying jasmine and fading neroliAmber found in ancient tombs of civilizations lost.  Longing. Essence of smoke from the funeral pyre.  A cut of material from Bela Lugosi’s cape, the dust from a bats wing.  Wood resins gathered from the Forest of the Dead, Myrrh scraped from the cliffs of The Dark Realm.  Precious ouds unearthed from burning desert sands.  Wax dripping from black, white and pink  candles, ashes of a Phoenix, words from a dead poet’s mouth.  Rare herbs found in a cathedral’s forgotten garden.  Desire.

Rare essences lure you, the dark viscous liquid clinging to your finger. A single drop of vampires blood. It promises all that is yet unknown, unlocking chambers of deepest longing. You lift your hand to your neck, fear rattling you, but the wanting even stronger. All it takes is one single drop, only one, and you’ll …become.

BLOOD PROMISES by Ondyne’s Demise →  a link to Alexis Karl singing:

Caught in this shroud, woven by wishes,
I stay in the in-between
A veil between us
I stay in the in-between,
my breath tastes of the grave
of lilies and dirt
of sadness and forsaken hopes.
Flowers fall from my lips, blood promises sealed with a kiss.
Teeth cage my words, cage against the rage that rises
like a sirens scream,
breaking the silence of this cruel night.
You have caught me in this shroud woven by your wishes.
I’ll stay in the in-between,
I’ll claw at this veil between us…
Kiss me now
I taste of the grave
lilies and dirt rest on my tongue,
I am sadness. I am forsaken hopes.

The perfume and samples are available at Indiescents.
Please Visit the IMMORTAL MINE Tumblr

Immortal Mine Perfume

Please visit Ondyne’s Lament for music by Alexis Karl.

2 thoughts on “Immortal Mine – Maria McElroy and Alexis Karl”

  1. So, how can one get hold of this potion?

  2. indiescents and directly from the perfumers at House of Cherry Bomb online.

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