Sangre & perfumed Lip Stains – Monica Miller The Perfume Pharmer

The Perfume Pharmer ‘Sangre’ Eau de Parfum and lip stains developed for Clarimonde, ‘Scarlet Kiss’ and ‘Purple Shadow’

The Alembicated Genie:

I breathe in ‘Sangre’ and it does indeed evoke something of the sacrament of blood through that dark alliance of raspberry/blackberry and Roman chamomile, but it also has a clearly defined and ever darker base right from the start as it breathes on my skin. Combined with either lipstain, it envelopes you in scent in an all-pervasive manner we’re no longer accustomed to in our sanitized, breath mint present, and in a way I’ve never tried before. I breathe in the incense on my mouth, the dark, velvety floral and geranium strangeness of Sangre on my skin as it develops, and one word alone is enough to describe the combined effect – haunting as a memory you can never forget and both hope you never do and also desperately ache to do.

Jade Dressler:

Dusk quickened and Monica lights a Roman candle of Roman Chamomile with dark berry fruit essences for the sex-in-your-face top note, and for the heart, a cocktail of Jasmine CO2, honeysuckle absolute, geranium absolute, white and red rose tinctures, which rise up instantly as I tap their names into the blog. (Blood of Christ! What is this love between plant scents and our desire!?) The base is musks (had to go there!) honey absolute, ambrette, Frankincense CO2 and Patchouli CO2 and you are crushed inside the mosh pit of Infernality for sure!

A little mosh pit of purpose is the Lip Stain Monica created called “Purple Shadow” a caldron of melting shea butter plus myrrh, peppermint, lemon balm and spices…again each of which enters my smell receptors as I type. Ok, yes it’s slathered upon my lips for easy access to the love canals of my nose…but still. Old news to anyone who follows me, I firmly believe “aliens” are among us, in the DNA of plants.

Music to wear perfume by: Zoe Keating

on Indieperfumes:

Monica Miller, who is the Perfume Pharmer, has written to me about her interpretation of the story Clarimonde in the form of a letter, on her site.  I found it right that she chose the letter form because the Clarimonde story itself begins when the narrator says “Brother, you ask if I have ever loved…”
Dearest Monica —
I see you have made three fragrant things to interpret the story, two fragranced lip stains, and a perfume called Sangre.   I love that the fragranced stains are in a red carmine and deep violet.  One is like the blush of life, the other, like the turn of life to stillness, or dare I say the word, death…

Because the predominant fragrance in the violet is an incense and in the carmine red it is myrrh,  they bring these sacred fragrances up around the mouth, which relates to the cross between the sacred and the sensual in the story.  The fragrances are strong, and they sting a little on application, and then move in to the mouth to fragrance my breath, which as you say is only right when you think about the KISS of the vampire in the legends.

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